The most effortless and secure way to transfer pocket money!

Try the Fyp way to manage pocket money for your teen. You no longer have to look for cash or your card to pay for your child’s expenses, nor have to worry about keeping a track of their expenses.

Fyp Transfer
Fyp Card for Parents

App features for parents

Fyp Money Transfer
Money Transfer

Effortlessly transfer money to your child’s Fyp account and get free from the burden of lending out cash or card for everything.

Fyp Track Patterns
Track Patterns

Keep a track of your child’s expenditure by overseeing their transactions on Fyp

Fyp Transaction Alerts
Transaction Alerts

Get real-time alerts on your phone every time an expense is made to keep your account secure

Fyp Transaction Limits

If your card is lost or stolen, be rest assured. You can lock the card through the app to avoid any kind of misuse.

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Created for the new-age parents

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