Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. We've tried to answer as many of your questions as possible.

FYP card is a numberless pre-paid card for teenagers to manage their expenses in an easy and secure way. The main points of difference are - 

  1. FYP cards are numberless 
  2. The app is administered by parents
  3. The app teaches money management 
  4. Helps teenagers learn to invest 

So, it is definitely much more than our usual debit cards. 

A neo-bank is a digital bank that doesn’t have a physical presence. These are fintech institutions with mobile-first solutions for all your banking activities. 

FYP card can be used anywhere. Use it for shopping online or offline just by swiping or through the app. 

The card doesn’t have a number and CVV present for safety purposes but these details are present on the app which could be used for making online purchases. 

Order the FYP card and swipe it to make purchases at offline stores.

FYP is for teenagers, therefore, security of their money is our priority. The sensitive details are not present on the card to ensure its safety if it is lost or mishandled. These details are however present in the app to make online purchases. Apart from this, the card can be easily paused or blocked through the app and the app can be locked with a code. 

Our education system doesn’t focus on the financial learning of students from a young age due to which, after school, it takes years for an individual to understand the right way of money management. FYP is not just a bank for teenagers, it’s the financial education they need, given to them at the right age. It is a smarter choice in this fast, financially and technologically growing world.

FYP takes the burden of lending out cash or card off the shoulders of parents. It gives teenagers an easy way to handle their expenses while making them financially wise. Teenagers will have their secured debit card managed by Fyp app that will be monitored by parents to make transactions and to keep track of expenses. . The app will educate the child about financial know-hows and keep the money safe with its unique security measures. 

Minors cannot add money to their account, they may however ask their parents or guardian to do the same.

  1. Download the FYP money app and set up your account with all the required information and KYC verification. 
  2. Parents/Guardian put money in the account
  3. Order the FYP card
  4. Use the app and FYP debit card to make online and offline purchases
  5. Learn to save and invest
  6. Send money to your friends or split bills.

To order the FYP card parents/ guardians and the child will have to complete the KYC and Aadhar Verification.

After the verification is completed, 

  1. Click on the order card option
  2. Add the personal details
  3. Add the delivery address
  4. Pay for the card

Place the order. 

Be amongst the first few teens to order the FYP card and get it for free. 

The FYP card doesn’t have sensitive details present on it, the app is secured with a code and the card can be blocked easily if lost or stolen. Apart from this, the user can track transaction details through the app. FYP is a highly secured way of money management. 

In case the card is lost or stolen, it won’t cause trouble because online transactions require the account details which are not present on the card and every transaction requires a pin so, the card cannot be used by swiping it at an offline store either.