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What is Fyp?

Fyp is a teen exclusive neo bank and card for teenagers that allows them to receive money digitally and spend money on their own terms.

How to spell and pronounce it?

Many people often misspell the word as Fipe, Fype or F.Y.P. However, the correct spelling is Fyp. It is pronounced as one word as well. That is: fi-ee-p. To refer to other words, you can pronounce fy as fi from fire and the letter p as you pronounce it in perform. Since it is a short word, many people often pronounce the letters themselves. For example, saying F Y P. While that is the spelling, it is not the pronunciation. 

What are the features of Fyp?


Fyp is a teen neo bank. This means that it is an online-only technology that you can use via your mobile phone. Fyp also offers a card for teens. This allows them to get used to using modern means of payment. While Fyp helps you budget your finances, it also enables you to save your money. Fyp offers great cashback on your expenditures through the Fyp app and Fyp card.

Why Fyp

Fyp offers teens a chance to spend on themselves by themselves. Rather than having parents constantly spend on teens, Fyp encourages teens to do the same. This helps teens get an idea of how to manage their money efficiently. In addition, this prepares them for the future when they earn for themselves. Fyp allows teens to track all their spending so they always know where exactly their money is going. This way, they get the hang of spending and saving, so they are ready in the future.

What can teens spend on?

Well, everything. Being a teen neo-bank, Fyp understands that teens have various needs and wants. Hence Fyp give teens unlimited options when it comes to buying things online or offline. Teens can buy Netflix subscriptions, Spotify Premium subscriptions, fast food from restaurants like Burger King, order food online from Zomato and buy electronics from BoAt. Using the Fyp issued debit card for teens, one can also go to their favourite stores and buy clothes, buy a movie ticket or purchase groceries. 

How to use it

Using Fyp is very simple. Being a teen neo-bank, Fyp realises that everything needs to be quick and convenient. Hence using Fyp is fast and timely too! To register, all you need to do is download the Fyp app from Play Store/Appstore, register yourself on the Fyp app and complete the KYC. Once you complete this process, you will have your own account. You can then start spending money on things you need. You can also order the Fyp card for a small fee.

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How to add money to Fyp

You can add money to your Fyp account from the app itself. You can do this by using UPI or debit card. Simply click on the “Add” button, enter the amount you want to add, choose your payment method, complete the payment and the amount will get credited to your Fyp account.

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I am a student of Saint Xavier’s College, Mumbai. I like playing and watching sports. I also like to read crime novels and mythological stories.

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