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You will only understand this if you’re a parent!

“Humare zamaane ki baat hi kuch aur thi…”

We often get to hear these words from our parents, because- duh! This is a Never Ending Comparison!! But why do our parents keep talking about their era? The answer is simple. They wanted us to inherit their values and traditions. It won’t be wrong to state that the apple we wanted was merely a fruit, whereas our kids don’t want to settle for anything less than iPhone. The world was a simpler place back then, with fewer distractions and more emphasis on social interaction and relationships.

On the other hand, todays generation has grown up in a world that is driven by technology and mostly what we see on Social Media. They are constantly connected to the world around us, and our lives are heavily influenced by the digital world. 

For instance, while we played games like Pithoo with our friends, our kids crave the latest PS4 models.

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We were happy dunking Parle-G in our tea, but our kids want nothing less than Oreo, or fancier snacks.

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Montessori schooling and experiential learning can certainly be valuable approaches to education and personal development, but can we agree that the way we save money has not evolved enough? The use of ‘Gullak‘ or piggy banks as a means of saving money has been around for generations and continues to be popular even today. When everything has become smarter, why has not money management? Saving money is important, but it’s also important to grasp the worth of money and how to manage it. 

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Everything comes down to kids’ upbringing and the habits that are instilled in them since their childhood, be it us or our parents because smart habits make smart individuals. As evident by the results of our poll, majority of the audience believes that one’s upbringing and experiences shape their child’s money mindset.

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Although we aspire to have smart children, are we taking the necessary steps to ensure that happens? Do we have frequent discussions with them about financial management? Are we guiding them towards saving money and setting saving goals?We talk about how to earn money, but hardly about how to manage it. It’s time to contemplate and reassess our actions.

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