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If you are a teenager, then having a debit or credit card could be one of your dreams, right? We understand that giving a debit/credit card to teenagers is not very feasible in the country. But, did someone tell you, dreams are supposed to be fulfilled? We, at Fyp, are here to help you check your bucket list by giving you access to a teenage smart card! Are you feeling MINDBOGGLED? Hold your horses as we have a lot to unwrap for you. 🤩

Are you new to Fyp? If yes, then we are pleased to serve you! We are sure that you might be excited to start your journey of using Fyp card. Before that, you must be cautious of certain do’s and don’ts to have a pleasing experience. It is very normal to feel overwhelmed by the situation, but it is also important to be cautious. Let’s get started with the do’s and don’ts of the Fyp card:


Never share your OTP with anyone:

The one-time password (OTP) is an essential step in the payment process that ensures that your payment is safe. You should never share it with anyone. However, there could be times when any fraudster will call you posing a bank official and asking for the OTP. Be aware of such situations and never share sensitive information.

Never share essential details over SMS or Phone:

You must know that information, such as OTPs, CVV, card number, and expiration date, is exceptionally confidential with anyone over the phone or messages. Fraudsters may call you saying that they are from Fyp. In such situations, understand that we never reach out to our customers for taking such crucial information. Immediately cut the call and do not entertain such calls in the future.

Never trust random links on emails and SMS:

Don’t get excited when someone calls you and says that you have won some prize, such as a vacation, car, or money in a lucky draw, because there is a 99% chance that this is a fraud call.

By luring you with some benefits, they try to get highly confidential information about your card details and password. They may imitate a company you trust, like a social networking site, bank, favourite brand, etc. Gmail filters out such messages as a scam, but you still need to be extra cautious and never click on such emails.

Never share screen recording or screenshots of Fyp card details:

All the crucial information and the card details needed for the payment are stored in your Fyp app. If you share a screenshot or screen recording with anyone, they may misuse it. So, be cautious.


Block your card immediately if it is lost or stolen: 

If your card is stolen or lost, the first thing you should do is to block it. Without panicking, block the card through the app and apply for a new one.

Double-check the amount and beneficiary details while making payment:

While making any payment, check the beneficiary’s name to be ultra-sure about the name of the person. Don’t forget to check the amount; adding an extra zero may shake your bank balance.

Double-check the UPI ID while making a payment:

To ensure that the money reaches the right person, you must enter the correct UPI ID. If you send the money to the wrong account, you will not get that back because it was processed and authorized by you. Never make your payment in a hurry. Always double-check the virtual payment address; this will prevent any mishap.

Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts mentioned here and enjoy shopping. If you follow all the points mentioned above, we are sure your experience using the Fyp card would be secured.

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