Neo Bank For Gen Z

Fyp prepaid card is the new revolution for Gen Z. Now, spend, save and learn money management with Fyp and prepare yourself to take on the world.

Fyp Smart Card
Fyp Smart Card

Winning Features

prepaid card for teens

Personal Prepaid Card

Get a numberless card to make online and offline payments.

banking for students


Earn reward points on transactions and save them to use later.

prepaid card for teenagers


Learn the value of earning money by getting paid for completing chores given by parents through the assignment earning feature.

digital saving account for kids

Split Bills

Dutch your bills with your friends using the Fyp card.

digital account for teens


Swipe your prepaid card to shop and avoid keeping a track of cash or asking your parents to pay.

digital saving account for teenagers


Become a smart teen by being updated with Fyp feed where you have access to news related to the financial world.

digital saving account for youngers

Spend analysis

Keep your expenditure in check and manage your finances better with the spend analysis feature.

neo bank for youngers in india


Refer the Fyp app to your friends and start building a commumity

prepaid card for students

Serious about Security

prepaid card for students

Numberless card

Sensitive details are not present on the card eg. card number to ensure no misuse of it is done if the card is mishandled.

Real-time activity notification

Get an instant SMS alert on your registered mobile number and email for every transaction or activity.

Set your limit

Set a limit for your expenses to avoid excessive spending.

Easy card locking

If the card is lost or stolen, disable it easily and quickly with a tap through the application.

Fyp is powered by

neo bank for kids in india

We collaborate with the best hosts to secure your money by following all the guidelines issued by RBI. Our partners, Yes Bank and VISA, ensure to offer a seamless transaction along with the security of your hard-earned money.
Your money is safe with us!